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Important: Storybook & Handbook Changes - Events and Training


When we reprinted in 2015, 2016 and 2017 the following stories for Books 1 and 2 were changed. Please check your team has the same stories before you start:

Please note: The story numbering of the Handbooks is different to previous printings as listed below:

Year 1 Handbook (reprinted 2016 with these changes)

  • Order of Handbook changed putting Christmas at the end. This is to avoid new teams starting the series with Christmas.

  • Additional note (D) should be next to The Wise King and not Jonah the Groaner. There have been some complaints about The Wise King so you need to read it through and check with the school. You can leave this story out if you are not comfortable doing it.

  • Jesus and the children story – change to 3rd bullet point takes out the reference to hugging the children and offers another suggestion.

Year 1 Handbook (reprinted July 2017)  

  • has the above changes included with some additions to the intro pages but no further changes to the Starting and Finishing pages or Direction pages.
  • The Wise Men's Visit has has had complaints about the 'black heart' wording: "The king said this with a smile,but his heart was black, black as a night without stars." We have decided to leave this unchanged because the story starts with a description of the night sky being black without stars and it is relating to this.

Year 2

  • module 1 story 5 ‘God has no favourites’ (was in Handbook 2 - Nov 2015) rewritten and posted under the Story Resources under the heading 'REVISED HANDBOOK CONTENT' at the bottom of the page

  • module 3 story 5 was changed from ‘Big Bags of Money’ (was in Lion Storyteller Book) to ‘Double Your Money’  rewritten and printed in Storybook 2 (Jan 2015)

Year 3 

  • no story or content changes to date.

Christian Values

  • Christian Values is now available to order online through the shop if you are a registered Storyteller but you can download a free Sample booklet of it from here: open-the-book/otb-volunteers/ or call the office on 01793 418355 or email to order them.



Please note that we are aware that the whole programme needs reviewing especially Years 2&3 and we will be doing this over the next couple of years. In the meantime, we would appreciate any feedback for Year 1 and Christian Values that would help us. Thank you.







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