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Open the Book has produced three years of material to enable teams to present weekly Bible stories in primary school assemblies or Acts of Collective Worship.

Year 1 gives the children an overview of the Bible – The Big Story – starting with the story of Creation at the beginning of September and finishing with Ascension at the end of July. These 33 stories are told in chronological order and link to the academic school year.

The story of Christmas can be presented at the last Open the Book assembly in December but the Easter stories will not be told until the latter half of the summer term. Although this may seem strange to churchgoers it is important to keep the stories in correct sequence so that the children will understand the order of the life of Jesus.

All the stories for Year 1 come from The Lion Storyteller Bible written by Bob Hartman and published by Lion Hudson (ISBN 978-0-7459-6433-1).

Years 2 and 3 contain modules of themed stories, for example: The First Christians, Children Play Their Part, and Meals to remember. Each of these years include both Old and New Testament stories.

Some of the stories come from The Lion Storyteller Bible but the rest come from Open the Book Bible Storybooks – one for each year. These stories were written especially for the programme by a small team of storywriters. These years also include modules for Christmas and Easter. There is a choice of either a single all-in-one story or two stories.

All the Open the Book resource books are available from Bible Society. To order, please login and go to the Bible Society Online Shop. Don't forget, you need to be registered to order.

Any queries - please contact the office:

Tel: 01793 418222

Alternatively you can download an order form here.

The Lion Storyteller Bible is also available from Bible Society’s online shop.

Special Note: Ideally, a team would start Open the Book in September with the Year 1 material. However, many teams want to start part of the way through the school year. For these teams we recommend that they start with the Year 3 material because it is modular and offers flexible choice. When September next comes around they can start Year 1 thus fitting in to the three-year rolling programme.

Open the Book is designed for weekly assembly/acts of collective worship sessions but for those teams unable to go into school this often, please get in touch to talk over other options. Teams who go into the school fortnightly will take two years to complete each year's material.

For all queries, please contact us.


The stories for the Open the Book three-year rolling programme are found in:

  • The Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman (published by Lion Hudson ISBN 978-0-7459-4980-2)
  • Open the Book Year 2 Storybook
  • Open the Book Year 3 Storybook

The stories for Year 1 are all contained in The Lion Storyteller Bible.

The stories for Year 2 are contained in The Lion Storyteller Bible and the Open the Book Year 2 Storybook.

The stories for Year 3 are contained in The Lion Storyteller Bible and the Open the Book Year 3 Storybook.

The stories in the Open the Book storybooks have been written by a small team of writers especially for the programme.

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