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 In 1999 a small group of church volunteers started going into primary school assemblies in Bedford to read and act out stories using The Lion Storyteller Bible. The Open the Book project was taken to Gloucestershire in 2001 and spread out to other counties from there. Later, in 2007, it was formed into a national charity. With increasing growth of volunteer numbers into the thousands, OtB joined Bible Society in 2013. In 2019, we celebrated 20 years of Open the Book and a growth of over 1000 storytellers throughout the year!


Meet the team

Alison Clark, Head of Open the Book

Email: alisonclark@openthebook.net

Alison started a Storyteller team in 2015 and joined the OtB staff team in 2018. She has been managing six Regional Training and Development Officers, our band of volunteer trainers in England and Wales and developing training and network hubs in new areas. As Head of Open the Book from 2020, Alison has also taken on the budgets, strategy and vision-casting for the whole team of ten staff. Being based in the North East of England, Alison will continue to travel distances to inspire and put her skills to good use up and down the country.

Julie Jefferies, Open the Book Partnership Ambassador

Email: training@openthebook.net

Julie first became involved in OtB as a Storyteller, then as a volunteer Trainer from 2008 before joining Bible Society as the Training and Development Manager in 2013.  She was Head of Open the Book from 2018 until the end of 2019. As OtB Partnership Ambassador she is now able to do what she loves; working in partnership with Christian organisations, denominations and charities, speaking and supporting the growth and development of schools' work.

Training and Development Officers

Lynn Satchell – Midlands

Email: lynnsatchell@openthebook.net

Lynn operates around the West Midlands area. Here, she has had opportunity to help develop ‘Working in a Multi-Faith Context’ (WMFC) materials for schools with children of mixed ethnicity. If this key work with Birmingham City Mission proves successful, the material will then be rolled out to other urban areas.

Martha Flavell – North East

Email: marthaflavell@openthebook.net

Martha has been recruited to develop OtB in the north East of England, from York up to Berwick! She has also been instrumental in making in-roads for OtB to go into catholic schools. With a large area to cover, Martha has quite the challenge in this beautiful part of the country. 

Sarah Morris – South Wales

Sarah, our Welsh Training and Development Officer, has moved to South West Wales. Her part-time work in South East Wales has already seen growth of Welsh and English-speaking teams. We are now looking for another Welsh speaker to take over this area for two days a week. Let us know if you are interested!

Kerry Evans - South London

Email: kerryevans@openthebook.net

Kerry has been training Storytellers as a volunteer Trainer since 2016 as part of her role leading the Brighton and Hove City Mission Schools Team. She has now joined the OtB staff team as the Regional Training and Development Officer for the South London area.  Kerry hopes to inspire more people in this area.


Matthew Cooper - North London

Email: matthewcooper@openthebook.net

Matthew has also joined the team for North London. He will be focusing on a number of things including building on the work previously done by Nigel Langford. Matt brings a wealth of experience in working with young people and children across North and East London.

Val Ralston - West

Email: valralston@openthebook.net

Val is our Training and Development Officer for the Western Counties. After seeing the vision to grow OtB across the country in 2002 when becoming a Storyteller, and as volunteer joining the Open the Book office based in Gloucestershire in 2006. Val joined Bible Society in 2013 bringing a wealth of knowledge expertise and passion. She now travels throughout her area sharing our vison and inspiring Storytellers.

Kristin Stevenson - Regional Development Officer – South London

Email: Kristin.Stevenson@biblesociety.org.uk

Kristin has been part of the church engagement team for the last four years and has always enjoyed encouraging people to get involved with Open the Book.  She has now officially added OtB to her church engagement role as it’s a great way to get more people engaging with the Bible in their communities. She will be focusing on Kent as well as the London boroughs and areas in East Sussex that border it.

What we do

There are lots of ways that you can get involved with Open the Book! Our wonderful growth has happened because people love being volunteer Storytellers. Teams form from local churches, get the local school interested, get training, sign up the team, order resources and then go and do assemblies/acts of Collective Worship in their local school on a weekly or fortnightly basis when possible.

See how you can get involved with one of these ideas:

What you can do

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