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Open the Book (OtB) started as a local project of church volunteers going into a few schools in Bedford in 1999. Dianne Brookes and Jacqueline Rodwell decided to get the project going in Gloucestershire. In 2007, a former trustee of SU saw the potential and worked with the people from Bedford and Gloucestershire to form a national charity. With increasing demand, OtB joined Bible Society in 2013.

Registered Storytellers & Trainers

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Meet the team

Julie Jefferies, Head of Open the Book

Email: training@openthebook.net

Julie first became involved in OtB as a Storyteller and then as a volunteer Trainer from 2008. As Head of Open the Book, she oversees all things OtB. This includes writing the strategy, handling the budget and casting the vision. Julie also leads the 9 other members of the staff team in all our activities and projects and has key input with all our resources.

Alison Clark, OtB Training and Development Manager

Email: alisonclark@openthebook.net

Alison started a Storyteller team in 2015 and joined the OtB staff team in 2018. With a background in training and development, she oversees our five Regional Training and Development Officers as well as all the volunteer trainers spread over England and Wales. Based in the North East of England, Alison will be clocking up the miles to inspire and develop training and network hubs in new areas.

Val Ralston, Training and Promotions Officer

Email: valralston@openthebook.net

Val travels up and down the country – sometimes with Bob Hartman – sharing the vision of Open the Book in a fun and interactive way at national festivals and exhibitions. She also delivers information sessions and training days in areas where there are no local trainers. Val is also specifically responsible for developing OtB in the Chilterns area.

Training & Development Officers

Lynn Satchell – West Midlands

Email: lynnsatchell@openthebook.net

Lynn operates around the West Midlands area. Here, she has had opportunity to start developing material for urban areas where there are schools which have children of mixed ethnicity. If this key work with Birmingham City Mission proves successful, the material will then be rolled out to other urban areas.

Martha Flavell – North East

Email: marthaflavell@openthebook.net

Martha is our newest officer and has been recruited to develop OtB in the north East of England, specifically North of York. A large area to cover, Martha has quite the challenge in this beautiful part of the country. 

Sarah Morris and Meleri Cray – South Wales – Seconded from The Presbyterian Church of Wales

Meleri and Sarah are sharing coverage in the South Wales and Cardiff area. Meleri travels more to South West Wales and Sarah to the South East. Their shared part-time work has already seen growth of Welsh teams who speak English and/or Welsh. As they both speak Welsh, they are able to form more teams using our Welsh resources.



Office Staff

Katie Walker, Project and Training Support Officer

Email: enquiries@openthebook.net

Katie is your go-to person for answering queries across a wide range of subjects both OtB and Bible Society related. Katie joined Bible Society in 1982 so has a vast knowledge of how things work at the office. She is also adept at all things training as she organises a range of services to make our events successful and works closely with all our trainers across the country trying to match up training needs. Katie also oversees data compliance requirements.

Shirley Townley, Safeguarding & OtB Development Officer

Email: enquiries@openthebook.net

Shirley is responsible for collating and editing news for the Storytellers’ and Trainers’ newsletters, as well as ensuring the website has all relevant copy and design in place. She manages the production and reprints of Handbooks and Storybooks and is also responsible for overseeing the Safeguarding Policy for Bible Society and Open the Book.

What we do

There are lots of ways that you can get involved with Open the Book! Our wonderful growth has happened because people love being volunteer Storytellers. Teams form from local churches, get the local school interested, sign up the team, order resources, get training and then go and do assemblies/collective worship in their local school on a weekly or fortnightly basis when possible.

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