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Socially Distant Fundraising

In these unprecedented times, many of us are spending more time at home. The whole situation is strange and sometimes scary. If you feel like you want to do more, you could try some home-based challenges and raise some money so we can get it to where it’s most needed at this time.  

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Walk the Mary Jones walk… in your garden!

The Mary Jones walk is a 26-mile route through the hills and valleys of North Wales. It follows the route that 15-year-old Mary Jones took in 1800, to buy a Bible of her own from Thomas Charles in Bala. The average number of steps someone would take to complete a 26-mile walk would be 54,912. So, set your pedometer to 0 and start walking! Give yourself a time frame to do it in. Two days? A week? You choose. Here’s where you donate.

Add another element to your walk and memorise a Bible verse about walking while you do it. Here are some examples:

Isaiah 9.2Jeremiah 7.23Jude 24-25Micah 6.8Colossians 1.10 

Run a marathon… on your balcony, or from the sofa to the fridge

Go for the burn and run run run! There are 26.2 miles in a marathon, which is an average of 62,926 steps. Give your collected donations here.

Climb a mountain/skyscraper on your stairs

This is a great one to do as a team. Choose the mountain or skyscraper you’d like to climb and split the number of steps or flights between the team members. When you’re back on the ground, gather up your sponsorship money and head over here. Here are some examples for you (based on an average staircase having 13 steps): 




Scafell Pike (highest peak in England)



Snowdon (highest peak in Wales)



Everest (highest point on earth)






Clifton Suspension Bridge (spanning Avon Gorge)



The Elizabeth Tower (home of Big Ben)






Blackpool Tower



Petronas Towers in Malaysia (the world’s tallest twin towers)



CN Tower in Canada



Host a virtual coffee morning

Meet friends and family through a conferencing app for coffee, cake and something comforting, inspirational or joyful, either from your community, the Bible, a film or book. Encourage each other, pray together and donate what you would’ve spent at a coffee shop

Challenge the kids 

Sponsor your kids to cook dinner, clean the windows, pair all the socks or memorise a Bible verse. If you’ve run out of small change, you could set up a JustGiving page for their challenges, and maybe grandparents can get involved too. 

Host a church quiz night

Many churches are using video conferencing apps to host weekly small groups, so why not arrange a quiz night? We have a few great Bible quizzes available and you could ask each player to donate. Try it through Just Giving

Bibles for birthdays

If your birthday is coming up, you could ask friends and family give a donation instead of buying you a present. And you could add to the pot anything you would’ve spent on a party (and donate it right here). What a great way to celebrate your day and give to others in need of God’s word, right now!

Donate your commute costs

If you’re travelling less at the moment, the money you would normally spend getting around could change someone’s life, for good. Donate it here.

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