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Open the Book Twinning

Twin your team to grow Open the Book overseas.

Twin your team

Your donation of £200 will fund the growth of Open the Book across the world for one year. A gift of £200 can fund all the resources required for an Open the Book international team, as well as enabling the team to visit schools in their communities.

When you twin your team/church/school for one year, you will receive a certificate to display. You will also receive an information booklet and further updates about the difference your donation makes.

Pick a country to twin with

You can choose to twin with any of the following countries*:


  • Population: 32 milllion (37% under 15) 
  • Language: English (official), many regional languages 
  • Literacy: 77%

The first International Open the Book programme, so far reaching over 30,000 children a year in 34 schools across three regions. The next phase is to launch in some of the most rural communities across the country to reach even more children.

Twin with Ghana

More countries available soon.


Want to support Open the Book international, but without twinning? You can support Open the Book in Ghana directly today.

*Your gift will be used to support the development of Bible storytelling in your chosen country. In the event that all funding has been raised in your chosen country, your gift will be applied to other similar countries and/or projects.

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