Your help is rescuing local Bible Societies threatened by Covid

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 Around the world, Bible mission is in crisis. Your help today will make a real difference.

Thank you for being among the Bible Society supporters who have come together to turn around the damage that coronavirus and national lockdowns have done to Bible mission.

This year, with thousands of people suffering from Covid and many more having to shelter at home, Bible mission teams in dozens of countries have been telling us they may need to permanently close their operations. Seeing in particular 28 Bible Societies in critical need, we created a fund that many supporters like you have generously contributed to

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Donations from a series of appeals going back to April have brought together £1 million worth of support to rescue Bible mission around the world. More than a thousand supporters gave generously to our digital appeal this summer. So far we’ve had 62 requests from struggling teams, and already help has been sent to 15 teams.

Bible Society in The Gambia, which exists to make God’s word available and affordable in local languages, has been in desperate need due to lockdown. Your support is enabling Michael Ellis and his team to develop a digital infrastructure that will help bring them through this storm and ensure Gambians don’t lose access to the Bible. Michael said: ‘It is a big relief knowing that at least the staff salaries till December are secured.’

Your donation today is an investment in the future of Bible mission around the world. It will allow dedicated teams in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia to continue reaching out to their nations with life-changing Bible translation, trauma healing and literacy projects.

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Bible Societies at risk of closure have a potential reach of nearly 263 million people. Your support will help change lives on a huge scale.

Thank you from Costa Rica

‘When news of the Fund came it renewed my strength and that of the team,’ writes Mayra Ugalde, General Secretary of the Bible Society of Costa Rica, one of the first Bible Societies to receive help. In spite of plummeting income, and thanks to your support, Mayra and her team have been able to continue running their ministry projects and explore new opportunities online. Videos from a social media campaign during lockdown have attracted thousands of views, which is a really exciting result for the team.

Mayra said: ‘In the midst of so much uncertainty, the cause of the Bible will continue.’

With your help, more teams like Mayra’s will see their situations turned around. The pandemic threatens to put an end to their work, but your support can keep the doors open and see them emerge from this crisis stronger than before.

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