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Bible mission teams in West Africa have hundreds of miles of tough terrain to cross, and their vehicles are breaking down. Will you help provide new 4x4s so more people can be reached with God’s word?

Will you help provide 4x4s in Africa?

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Mission teams are urgently asking for your help to replace failing vehicles. They’ve got piles of Bibles waiting to be delivered to remote communities that the teams can’t reach without new 4x4s.

£63,183.81 out of £50,000 raised

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One truck


Two trucks

Hama Yaye leads Bible mission in Niger, West Africa

I urgently need your help. Time and time again, Bible work in the toughest parts of Africa is thwarted by poor equipment. We desperately need a 4x4 vehicle to provide the Bible here. Will you help?

Our desire in Niger is that all Nigeriens would have access to God’s word. The whole country is strewn with jihadists, terrorists, Boko Haram, rebels. We want to transform every human life as people engage with the word of God.

We regularly have to drive more than ten hours to visit churches. The east of the country is desert. In the central part there are very rocky roads, not even worth crossing when you don’t have a good vehicle. In the west we have mud tracks, which are very difficult in the rainy season. We can find ourselves stuck and unable to return home.

A sturdy 4x4 vehicle is absolutely essential for Bible ministry in our country. Can you help us purchase one?

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Bible mission teams in West Africa need your help to meet the huge demand for Bibles. They have to cross difficult terrain to reach Christians in remote villages, often living in tough circumstances. A vehicle is one of the essential building blocks that makes Bible work possible in those places.

Hama and Michael (who shares the Bible in The Gambia) will be able to pack 500 Bibles into a 4x4, many more than they get on the back of a motorbike. A reliable new vehicle will mean they can make engagements they’re often having to postpone due to breakdowns and bad roads.

In West Africa

  • People are waiting for Bibles
  • Church leaders need support from mission teams
  • Bible literacy classes are changing lives – but only when students can be reached

Will you help Hama and Michael purchase new 4x4s for Bible mission in Niger and The Gambia?

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What are some of the challenges in the Sahel region?

• extremist groups like Boko Haram are active
• there’s political instability and nations are recovering from conflict
• poverty is rife – Mali and Niger are among the poorest countries in the world
• the land is fragile, affected by climate change and prone to environmental disasters which can lead to food shortages
• infrastructure is poor, so Bible distribution is difficult
• In most countries Christians are in the minority

What is Bible Society doing in the Sahel?

Thanks to the support of people like you, our colleagues are continuing translation work to make the Bible available in Mali, and distributing Bibles in the most remote areas of Niger. In Chad, our teams are running Bible-based literacy classes, and working in refugee camps, where they can minister to children traumatised by violence and conflict. These projects, and many more, are made possible thanks to your continuing, faithful support. 


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