Bible Society of Cameroon, led by Luc Gnowa (pictured praying at the graveside of a murdered Bible worker), is asking for your help as they continue to translate and distribute the Bible for people in communities threatened by extremists

Will you bring the Bible to remote communities in the shadow of extremism?

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People living under the threat of Boko Haram are longing to hear God’s word. You can put the Bible in their hands today.

In the worst circumstances, Bible workers in the Sahel region of North Africa are determined to reach people with the good news. They’re telling us this is a moment to share the Bible with courage and urgency, and they’re asking you to help them do it.

Will you support the courageous work of Bible distributors and translators, and bring God’s word to more people this year?

Jonas and Joseph, friends and literacy teachers working with Bible Society,
were murdered in Boko Haram attacks last summer.

Last year we lost Jonas and Joseph, two dedicated Bible literacy teachers in Cameroon who were killed in terrorist violence. Their work changed lives, and it will continue with your support. In largely Islamic places like the northern communities Jonas and Joseph served, Christians are few in numbers but known as people of justice and integrity. Their witness is drawing people to Jesus.

Will you equip Bible workers like our much-missed brothers Jonas and Joseph to share the good news in remote and threatened communities?

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Noemie Smith, Africa Mission Specialist at Bible Society

Noemie in Malawi, January 2020

I was filled with sorrow when I heard that Jonas and Joseph had been killed. We must continue the work they started and share the Bible with people under threat from violent groups like Boko Haram. In places like Mali and Burkina Faso, the situation sounds desperate, but there are amazing opportunities to share God’s word.

This is what I’m hearing from my colleagues in Africa. Jacques, who leads the team in Mali, said: ‘Every obstacle is in fact a mission opportunity for Bible Society. This is a rich harvest field for people to turn to Christianity.’

Hama in Niger, who was so encouraged by your support following the floods, said: ‘Christians in red zones are looking for even more ways to know God.’

And in Burkina Faso, Dramane, reminding me of the Acts of the Apostles, said: ‘With God, these trials will become opportunities for the salvation of many.’

The determination of Bible workers in some of the poorest countries in the world is amazing. Your support today will make a real difference there.

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What are some of the challenges in the Sahel region?

• extremist groups like Boko Haram are active
• there’s political instability and nations are recovering from conflict
• poverty is rife – Mali and Niger are among the poorest countries in the world
• the land is fragile, affected by climate change and prone to environmental disasters which can lead to food shortages
• infrastructure is poor, so Bible distribution is difficult
• In most countries Christians are in the minority

What is Bible Society doing in the Sahel?

Thanks to the support of people like you, our colleagues are continuing translation work to make the Bible available in Mali, and distributing Bibles in the most remote areas of Niger. In Chad, our teams are running Bible-based literacy classes, and working in refugee camps, where they can minister to children traumatised by violence and conflict. These projects, and many more, are made possible thanks to your continuing, faithful support. 

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