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‘As I receive this Word of God, I am the happiest person,’ said Iwo Samson Famous, a church elder in an Epie-language church, holding a Bible in his own language for the first time. (Photo credit: Benjamin Mordi, Bible Society of Nigeria.)

Will you bring God’s word to people without it?

This appeal is fully funded, please consider giving to these appeals:

The Bible is for everyone and its power affects whole communities. You can reach people who won’t otherwise hear God’s word by supporting translation projects that have carried on during lockdown.

£29,698.76 out of £25,000 raised bring God’s word to people who have never heard it before.

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There are Christians in Africa faithfully waiting for a Bible they can understand. And there are members of their communities yet to discover God’s word because it’s not available in their language. These are impoverished and marginalised people, often living in terrorist-threatened regions, but you can bring them the unique joy of the Bible.

Will you empower the work of Bible translators seeking to reach new communities?

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Last September, people in southern Nigeria who speak the Epie language received the New Testament for the first time. There were joyous celebrations in the town of Yenagoa as the Bible arrived in their community, and people were excited about the impact it could have. Your support for Bible mission brings hope like this in the most difficult times.

‘I am the happiest person,’ said Iwo Samson Famous, a church elder, holding his first copy of the Bible in his own language.

This is an opportunity for you to bring that kind of joy to people across the Sahel region of Africa. Six language groups without access to the Bible could soon be introduced to God’s word with your help. It costs around £6 for our local teams to translate a verse of Scripture.

You could bring God’s promises to people who have never heard them before.

  • A gift of just £12 could make a beautiful passage like the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ (Galatians 5.22–23) comprehensible to The Gambia’s 50,000 Jolo speakers
  • By giving £36 you could bring Psalm 23 to Epie speakers awaiting the Old Testament
  • Your gift of £60 could enable the translation of a short story like the birth of Moses

Will you bring a richer experience of the Bible to people in Africa by supporting the work of our local translation teams?

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