Two sisters’ remarkable story of survival and hope.

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When a devastating mudslide came crashing down the mountain towards her home, Frances didn’t have a second to react.

Her story is a remarkable account of survival and hope in the aftermath of disaster. Will you help change the lives of more people like Frances?

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In August 2017 a terrible mudslide ripped down a mountain in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, following days of torrential rain. More than 1,000 people were killed; 3,000 more lost their homes.

Frances’ story

Along with her family, Frances was swept up in the swirling mud and debris of the mudslide. 

Incredibly, Frances survived. She had been three months pregnant but lost her baby in the disaster. Both her legs were broken and she had a cracked skull. But when she recovered, Frances adopted her little five-year-old sister Adama, left orphaned by their parents’ death.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Frances received a Bible. She spent a year learning to read it, and can now recite whole passages off by heart.

‘When I feel discouraged and overwhelmed by sadness, and look up to the sky, I take out my Bible and read to get comfort,’ Frances said.

Frances has virtually nothing, but she reads to Adama daily from God’s word. What makes a difference to Frances and Adama is the Bible, and that’s why your support is so vital.

In the midst of disaster and ruin, the Bible gives hope. Will you bring hope to even more people like Frances today?

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Some of Africa’s most vulnerable communities live in countries neighbouring Sierra Leone. At Bible Society, we’re accelerating our work among these nations to provide God’s word to communities in crisis.

You can help

There are so many people like Frances today. Across this vulnerable part of Africa, stretching from east to west beneath the Sahara desert, are thousands of communities affected by climate change, terrorism and poverty.

It costs just £5 to provide a Bible to people like Adama and Frances. This means your gift of:

  • £15 provides Bibles to three people like Frances
  • £40 gives God’s word to eight families
  • £75 supplies a church with Bibles
  • £200 provides God’s word to a whole community

Please, will you provide the Bible in the toughest, hardest parts of Africa, and bring hope in the darkest places?

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