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Translating the Bible into new languages

Last updated: 21 March 2017

There are entire communities in China without access to God’s word, simply because it’s not been translated into their language. This is the case in Asia, Africa and right around the world. You can help change that with a gift today.

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We’ve just helped launch three new Bibles for ethnic communities in China. The tears flooding down the faces of the Black Yi tribe at the launch event of their Bible show the significance of receiving God’s word for the first time.

But there are still 52 ethnic communities in China, and many others right around the world, waiting for the Bible in their own language. Will you help end their wait?

One man’s passion to put the Bible in his language

In 1966, at the start of the Cultural Revolution, religion in China was outlawed. The Bible was banned and any copies found were confiscated and burned. ‘We dug out gaps in the wall and hid the Bible in it,’ said Pastor Wenfu.

But at the end of the Revolution in 1976 the Church began to grow…and grow. Ethnic minority people like the Black Yi, in particular, turned to Christ in their thousands.

My greatest hope has been fulfilled

Pastor Wenfu joined the team translating the Black Yi Bible and started building a bigger church, in faith and anticipation. And when the translation was complete, he spent two years appealing by telephone and waiting for a printing permit from the authorities.

This is a man driven by a passion to share God’s word – and in 2016 his faithfulness was rewarded, when the first ever Black Yi Bible was launched. ‘My greatest hope has been fulfilled’ were his words.

There are more people in China and around the world waiting for God’s word, longing for it speak to them. Will you partner with someone like Pastor Wenfu to help translate the Bible into a new language?

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