Too poor to buy a Bible... but you can put one in their hands

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Churches in Malawi are filled with children of all ages, eager to learn about Jesus. But there are simply not enough children’s Bibles. Please, will you help?

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Can you imagine your church Sunday school bursting at the seams with more than 200 eager children, but no pictures on the walls, no activity books, no crafts? And not a single children’s Bible.

This is the reality in Malawi: churches and families are too poor to buy children’s Bibles of their own.

The situation in Malawi

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and more than half the population is under 18. There are children everywhere, barefoot, playing in the dirt, roaming in groups and jumping over rubbish-strewn streams.

On Sundays, these children turn up at church in their hundreds. Volunteers do their best to retell stories from Scripture, but it’s a challenge.

For the last few years, our team in Malawi has been providing children’s Bibles to Sunday schools. These Bibles are helping transform the lives of children. But they need more Bibles desperately.  Will you help these little ones?

Your gift of £10 provides God’s word to two children in Malawi.

We met Wanga at his home in a Malawian township. He’s been going to church all his life, but he never really understood God’s word until a delivery of children’s Bibles arrived last year. Now, he says, the simple language and pictures bring the stories to life – and his faith is growing.

Wanga’s sense of purpose and hope is astounding:

 ‘The Bible teaches us to obey our elders and be honest, and be active in the church,’ Wanga added. ‘Having a better understanding gave me confidence to preach to the whole congregation, and I help lead Sunday school now. I’m inspired that Jesus began teaching when he was just 12.’

Wanga invited us along to his Sunday school, and it filled us with joy to see children proudly read from their own Bible books. Hearing their beautiful voices sing praise to God made us more certain than ever: we must provide the children of Malawi with their own Bibles.

Our friend Clapperton, who leads our ministry in Malawi, said he provides 3,000 children’s Bibles a year – but could distribute 10 times as many if only he had the funds. Every week, church leaders phone him up and ask for Scriptures. ‘We don’t feel good when we can’t help, but our finances mean we have no alternative,’ said Clapperton sadly.

Our team are at the heart of this amazing children’s ministry in Malawi. But we struggle to provide God’s Word to every child. Will you help put God’s Word into their hands?

You can help

These children arrive at church longing to learn about Jesus. Now, they just need someone to put a Bible into their hands, so they can grow up reading the truth of God’s word.

Clapperton and his team need funding from Christians in other countries to continue giving the Bible to children in Malawi.

It costs just £5 to provide a children’s Bible in Malawi. So your gift of:

  • £10 can provide Bibles for two children in Malawi
  • £25 can provide Bibles to every child in a family
  • £40 can put Bibles into the hands of eight children
  • £150 can fund a box of 30 Bibles for a Sunday school

Will you help make a difference in young people’s lives and provide children’s Bibles in Malawi?

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