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One Bible at a time, you are changing people’s lives

Every time you shared the Bible in 2019, you offered hope and certainty in a turbulent world. In the face of huge change, Jesus tells us: ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.’ (Matthew 24.35, ESV)

Will you encourage even more people with the Bible this Christmas?

This year you changed lives, for good. On behalf of everyone who’s been touched by the Bibles you’ve helped provide, thank you for your gifts and prayers.

Your support is making a difference around the world. At Easter, when we asked for your help getting hold of vehicles for Bible distribution in some of the toughest parts of Africa, your response was overwhelming. 

Jacques and his team are working hard to take the Bible around Mali, an extremely poor country where Christian resources are scarce. 

Last month, thanks to you, Jacques was handed the keys to a brand new 4x4. ‘We’re using it to distribute Bibles,’ he said, ‘and we’re already accessing remote places for the first time. Thank you so much for your generosity.’

You have brought the hope and certainty of God’s word to Christians in Mali. Jacques and his team can now travel deep into the desert to deliver Bibles, and bring Bible-based literacy classes to nomadic communities.

And there’s even more we can do together.

Give the Bible this Christmas

It’s not just in Africa that God’s word is having an impact.

What you’ve done in 2019:

In China, more than a million people received a Bible, including Granny Yuan Giuying, who said: ‘I was overwhelmed to hold it in my hands. This is no ordinary book. It’s the word of God!’

In Syria, you’ve helped deliver thousands of Scripture calendars to families this year. George, who leads our work there, said: ‘I don’t think you can imagine the joy of our hearts.’

And here at home, you’ve brought the Bible into school for 800,000 children. Nine year old Beth has discovered God’s guidance in her life. She said: ‘If we don’t listen to God, our lives will be boring.’

This is just a taste of what you’ve achieved in 2019. Thank you. 

In 2020 there’s room to do even more.

Give today to change more lives by God’s word.

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Thank you for being part of this ministry.


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