Syrian people still long for God’s word

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The situation in Syria is desperate. Yet incredibly our Bible work there has continued throughout the seven-year conflict. Your gift of £10 can keep this work going and bring hope to the people of Syria.

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An update from our man in Syria

George lives in Aleppo with his wife and teenage son. He’s desperate to share with you the impact you can have in Syria. Syrians want Scripture and prayer. You can provide both today.

George has kept the Bible Society bookshop in Aleppo open almost every working day of the seven-year conflict.

‘When you are being bombed and shelled, you will die whether you are at home or work. The risk is the same; you depend on God. So we continue our work.’

He says that even during the times Syria hasn’t been headline news over the last year, the people are still suffering.

‘It might feel calm and normal, but it would not be normal for you. People are traumatised, hungry and grieving. Children are out of school, their innocence lost. Roads and buildings are in ruins.’

George’s love for the people of Syria led him to take action. With a team of volunteers, he has delivered the largest ever Scripture distribution in Syria over the last few months - over 100,000 Scripture calendars, books and Bibles!

Just recently at Easter, they delivered Bible activity books to 25,000 children.

‘You should see the children when they receive these gifts,‘ George said. ‘They get humanitarian aid every month, but this is special for them. It’s a real gift from God.’

George says the demand is so great, he could distribute twice as much in 2018.

He knows the immense difference your prayers make too.

‘Nothing will help us more than prayer. Through these seven years we have been touched by God. We feel your prayer, and we appreciate it more than anything.’

You can help

There is a demand for the Bible in Syria, and you can help fulfil it.

Scripture distribution requires an extraordinary effort - courage, commitment, as well as all sorts of logistical challenges like transportation across damaged roads and checkpoints.

George and his team rely on funding from Christians in other countries.

  • £10 can give a child a Bible activity book
  • £45 can provide Scripture booklets for 150 children in a church or hospital

Can you support George’s amazing work today?

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