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Sierra Leone Mudslide Disaster

Last updated: 24 August 2017

This appeal is fully funded, please consider giving to these appeals:

We are continuing to help survivors of the Sierra Leone mudslide disaster with humanitarian aid and Bibles. You can help survivors with a gift today.

When a huge mudslide came down on a small community near Freetown in August earlier this year, the Bible Society office was close by and the staff rushed to help in whatever way they could.

500 people were killed, whilst hundreds of survivors were left with nothing. They are now trying to rebuild their lives. And we are there to help.

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One survivor told us:

‘God has given me the opportunity to serve him diligently for the rest of my remaining days on earth’

– Peter M’bayo – only survivor of a family of eight

Sierra Leone’s people live in extreme poverty, and live in fear of the forces of climate change that can devastate their fragile existences. In all this, the Churches are vibrant and many hold dear to the Lord Jesus and treasure their Bibles – sometimes the only book they own.

Now the Bible Society team are appealing for more help from us for the scores of people who are left homeless and bereaved.

Will you help with a gift today?

The Bible Society team have sent us this list of urgent supplies of Scriptures and aid they need. For instance £58 could buy:

  • a mattress
  • a 50kg bag of rice
  • a Bible

Please give now

Please give whatever you can today. Our team is right there in the midst of the survivors, and is working with other local agencies to relieve the tremendous suffering.

Please also pray that the Bibles we provide will give renewed hope, and that our counsellors can comfort the stricken people in the months and years ahead.

Please give whatever you can today. Thank you.

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