Be part of the next distribution of shoes and Bibles to vulnerable children in eSwatini.

Sending orphans to school with dignity and hope

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Every day in eSwatini, thousands of children arrive at school with nothing on their feet. This is a nation blighted by HIV/AIDS, where many children are caring for sick parents or growing up alone.

You can make a huge difference for them by putting the Bible in their hands and sending them to school in a new pair of shoes.

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Will you seize this opportunity and lift the spirit of one child with a gift of £15? Such a small amount of money could have a transformative effect. For less than £50 you could do this for three children.

With shoes comes dignity, and with the Bible comes hope. Through the Bible, God is offering life to children in otherwise desperate circumstances.

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Tom Newbold, Head of Supporter Relations at Bible Society

‘I was in eSwatini last summer, and I saw the first distribution of shoes. We’d just come from the old Bible Society building, where I’ll never forget the sight of a woman carrying an enormous box of Bibles on her head.

‘We arrived at the new centre, which they were still building, and found it full of the sound of children singing. We didn’t know what was happening, or why there was such a huge amount of children there. Someone said, “Now we do the shoes.”

‘The children were lined up in height order so the team could give the right size to the right ones. The kids found this hilarious, and the sound of laughter was, for me, overwhelming. Some of them had nothing but the clothes they were wearing, so to be given a pair of simple black shoes to wear to school was the most exciting thing in the world.

‘I really hope you’ll give to the next distribution. With a Bible and a pair of shoes, you’ll be giving a child a life-changing sense of hope and self-worth.’

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