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Lives changed through Bible literacy classes

Last updated: 19 May 2016

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Our team in Pakistan is working to bring the Bible to life for 7,000 women this year by teaching them to read. Will you help? It costs just £20 to help teach a woman to read and give her a New Testament.

Arati’s story

Arati* was a cotton picker in rural Pakistan. She worked long hours to earn around £1 a day. She was being cheated out of payment but didn’t know it –she couldn’t read the scales that weighed her cotton.

But at our literacy class the Bible changed Arati’s life for good. As she read the Bible for the first time she met Jesus, discovered his love, and learnt that her life mattered.

Arati said, ‘Jesus died for us and there’s no one in the world who has died and rose again. We appreciate this love.’

Now I am literate, I feel empowered.

Today Arati teaches young children in her village to read. And since learning to read she’s realised the cotton traders were cheating her and others out of their wages.

She said, ‘After studying I read the scale and I knew the actual weight of the cotton and now the men can’t cheat us. Now I am literate, I feel empowered.

Seven families in Arati’s village have become Christians since our literacy programme started.

‘There’s a big change in our village since the start of our literacy class’ Arati told us, ‘We are very happy and my family is very happy.’

Will you help more women like Arati learn to read?

Change for good

Arati is just one example of a life changed for good through the Bible. Through our literacy classes many women like Arati learn that their lives matter as God speaks to them through the Bible.

Just £20 can help teach a Pakistani woman to read and give her a New Testament and £10 can provide over 70 scripture portions to newly literate women.

Your support could help teach Pakistani women to read and bring the Bible to life for them and their families. Will you join us in teaching more women like Arati to read?

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*Name changed

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