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Will you release the power of God’s word to change lives on a regular basis as a member of Bible a Month?

Thank you for getting involved in Bible mission. 

Your passion for Scripture and your generosity in bringing it to people has changed lives. So we’re inviting you to join a community of 22,000 people coming together to reach out with God’s word every month.

Join Bible a Month

Last year supporters like you, facing pandemic and lockdown in their own lives, were determined that transformative Bible work around the world would not be brought a stop. Giving in this country exceeded £1 million and it sent a powerful message to mission teams. Mayra Ugalde, who leads a team in Costa Rica, told us your support made her feel ‘part of a family, the family of the cause of the Bible’.

Like other teams in this global family, Mayra and her fellow mission workers are bringing the Bible to people in many different ways, from sharing the good news online to helping the church address issues like domestic violence. As a member of Bible a Month, you’ll be helping the team translate God’s word into the Ngäbe language for the first time.

You can be part of George’s work in Syria among children growing up in conflict. George and his team see lives change as children embrace the story of Jesus. At Christmas and Easter every year, you can help those dedicated mission workers put the Bible in the hands of tens of thousands of children.

Join Bible a Month

In Africa, Bible translators are risking their lives in an environment hostile to Christians. Knowing the transformative power of God’s word, they’re determined to make it available in more languages and to give people the skills to engage with it through literacy classes. With your help, every month the toughest lives can be filled with hope.

Christians in China are asking for more leaders. Your regular donation will send students to seminary, providing more ministers for China’s growing churches. Those ministers serve an average of 6,700 believers each, but your support will help to train lay preachers to share the work.

Translating, printing and distributing a single copy of the Bible costs around £5. So as a member of Bible a Month with a regular donation of £10 you can be part of an amazing Bible mission project with Mayra or George, and be sure of putting the Bible in someone’s hands. A generous gift of £15 or £25 each month would represent an investment in multiple life-changing projects. 

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I want to give £15 a month

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You can also gift-aid your regular donation, increasing your impact every month.


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