Help Chinese Christians grow in faith and discipleship

Last updated: 16 May 2017

There’s an urgent shortage of trained Christian leaders in China. Will you help today?

Sister Yu has a longing to walk with Jesus. She desires to understand the Bible better and to deepen her relationship with God. But she needs a minister to help her.

The minister at Sister Yu’s church also leads 243 other congregations and home meetings. He is responsible for 45,000 Christians.

‘I understand the pastor is busy going around,’ she said. ‘But when he comes, it nourishes us. It’s unimaginable to have our own minister.'

The growing Church in China could destabilise without more trained leaders. Your gift today will help provide quality Bible teaching to train ministers. Because of you, Chinese Christians will be able to grow in faith and discipleship.

It’s unimaginable to have our own minister. The idea of having a minster is an inexpressible joy.

Please help Chinese Christians like Sister Yu, who are longing for a minister to disciple them.

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One minister to every 6,700 Christians

In China today, there’s only one trained minister for every 6,700 Christians. If the same ratio applied here in this country, you’d share your church leader with 60 other churches.

The Chinese Church is growing fast. Half a million people are baptised every year. But the shortage of trained ministers is threatening to destabilise the growing church:

  • In rural areas, a large percentage of Christians cannot read or write. They rely on the teaching of others to hear God’s word. This means many miss out as they don’t have access to a trained pastor.
  • Ministers are spreading themselves too thinly and running themselves into the ground. Pastor Liu (pictured) hasn’t had a day off in 35 years.
  • Cults are a growing threat. People are misinterpreting Scripture because they do not have Biblical teaching. 

How you can help

Your gift will help train future leaders of the Chinese Church. It will go towards providing the best Bible teaching to trainee ministers. This work urgently needs more support.

With your support, Chinese Christians will be able to grow deeper in faith and discipleship.

A gift of £40 can help provide quality Bible teaching to train ministers in China.

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