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Give the Bible to Syrian children

Last updated: 9 June 2017

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Bibles are needed for Aleppo’s child survivors. Your £10 will provide the Bible for two Syrian children.

Finally there’s peace in Aleppo. Families are beginning the painstaking task of rebuilding their homes out of the rubble left by six years of bullets and barrel bombs.

But there are child survivors who have been left utterly traumatised by the battle for Aleppo. Children who have only known a brutal and violent world. Children who no longer cry because they’ve seen too much horror.

It’s God’s word that can bring joy and hope to these young lives left scarred through trauma. You can provide God's word for two Syrian children with just £10 today.

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The impact of the Bible in Syria

Amazingly our Bible bookshop in Aleppo stayed open throughout the crisis there – a wonderful answer to prayer. Our six staff faithfully kept at their work, because of the remarkable truth that the Syrian people are crying out for the Bible like never before.

Our team in Aleppo recently distributed 5,000 Bible picture books around Syria. Children were desperately eager to receive a copy, rushing forward to crowd round our staff.

Gaith, leading the team in Aleppo, said ‘The smile in the eyes of children receiving Scripture touched me more than anything. A camera could not catch it. It was just so beautiful.’

One small boy who had never seen a Bible before said, ‘I even cried out to Jesus during this terrible war. Now I can learn his word!’

A young girl, Rita, stood shyly until she was given a Bible storybook. ‘Is this really for me?’ she asked. She opened the booklet immediately, and read through page after page. ‘I know Jesus in my heart and now I can fill my heart with his words,’ she exclaimed.

Gaith urgently wants to provide another 25,000 children with Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture colouring books. With your help, and with God on our side, it’s possible.

The smile in the eyes of children receiving Scripture touched me more than anything. A camera could not catch it. It was just so beautiful.

The time is ripe to share the Bible in Syria. Gaith told us: ‘Only Jesus can change our hearts, and take away the hatred and fill it with love. Yes, we want to give the word of God to children. Without Jesus, there is just no hope.

With a donation of £10, you can offer hope to two children emerging from a broken, frightening world.

Please give £10 today to place a Scripture booklet into the hands of two more Syrian children.

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