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Persecution is driving Christians from their homes. They’re depending on God more than ever, and they need Bibles. You can give three refugees a Bible each for just £15.

Nadia was on the run. She had lost her father and her home when militants attacked Mosul. Threatened with death if she refused to convert, Nadia left everything and fled to Jordan. 

That’s where she met a member of our team, who gave her aid and a Bible. Nadia says her eyes were opened. And as she read the Bible, her faith came alive.

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Nadia’s story

When Nadia fled home she had no money and no hope. She was grieving and angry.

But after receiving a Bible, Nadia joined a local church. She began to read her new Bible with fresh eyes. One of our volunteers met with her to pray and discuss Scripture. She was overwhelmed to read John’s Gospel and the news of God’s saving grace.

With tears in her eyes she told us: ‘I did not have such a strong faith in the Lord Jesus before. Now I believe in him! I search for answers in the Bible, and I will not close the Bible until I find answers. My life has changed.’

Christians in the Middle East driven from their homes need Bibles. (Photo by Ian Oakley)

Nadia decided to memorise one Psalm every day. Her favourite passage is from Psalm 27:

The LORD is my light and my salvation;
I will fear no one.
The LORD protects me from all danger;
I will never be afraid.
I have asked the LORD for one thing;
one thing only do I want:
to live in the LORD's house all my life,
to marvel there at his goodness,
and to ask for his guidance.
In times of trouble he will shelter me;
he will keep me safe in his Temple
and make me secure on a high rock. (Psalm 27.1,4–5, GNB)

This Psalm is Nadia’s story. She lost everything, but the words of the Bible give her hope for the future. Like many Christians, she has found persecution reawakening and deepening her faith.

You can provide three refugees with a Bible for just £15.

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Thank you for bringing comfort and hope to refugees through the gift of God’s word.


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