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Refugees from Syria are turning to the Bible. Your gift of £15 can help provide Bibles and help for refugees in the Middle East.

Our team in Lebanon are supporting refugees whose lives have been shattered. One in four of the Lebanese population are now Syrian refugees. They arrive with no money and are often traumatised. But there is a real hunger for the Bible.

We desperately need more funds to keep up with the demand for Bibles and practical help. Can you give help and the Bible to a refugee today?

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Yasmine’s story

Yasmine, a Syrian refugee, fled Aleppo for Lebanon.

‘The day we left, the bombs never stopped,’ she recalled. ‘People said we’d be killed in our car. But we didn’t have any other option.

Yasmine and her young son Iskander who fled from Syria to Lebanon

‘I was preparing food and my husband was coming home to have lunch together. A bomb dropped. It was so close the whole house shook.’

Yasmine and her family arrived in Lebanon in a state of trauma: ‘I had flashbacks about my parents, and friends who have been killed. I spoke to my sister one day, and the next day she was dead,’ she told us.

Despite her hardship, Yasmine is one of many refugees in the Middle East whose life has been changed by meeting Jesus Christ. It all started when she was offered a free Bible by one of our volunteers.

Give the Bible to more refugees like Yasmine.

‘I met a Christian woman who invited me to church,’ she said. ‘I didn’t know anything about Christianity or Jesus. But we started studying the Bible. I’m so glad I did!’

The Lord Jesus changed our lives. We know the way now

‘The burden in my heart and soul has gone. I feel at peace,’ said Yasmine. ‘I am proud to know Jesus Christ.’

The Lord Jesus changed our lives. We know the way now. We want to learn more about him. Without Jesus, we are nothing.’

Just £15 can provide three Bibles for refugees in the Middle East. Please will you give today to bring the good news to more people like Yasmine?

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