Every week more than 50 new people ask for a Bible in Algeria

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Bible work in Algeria has a courageous new leader: Rezki. Despite the risks, one thing drives him on in his role; every day, more and more Algerians
long to know Jesus.

Please, will you stand with Rezki in this risky mission to provide the Bible in Algeria? 

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Will you put the Bible into the hands of Algerians longing for God’s word?

‘There are many seekers in Algeria. They contact TV and radio channels and ask questions on the internet,’ Rezki told us.‘They ask many questions, and they ask for Bibles. We give them Scripture whenever we can – this is a huge part of our ministry.’

The situation in Algeria

Rezki told us that things have got worse for Algerian Christians in recent years. Ten churches have been closed by the authorities (there were only around sixty in the country to start with), and the number of Bibles we’re allowed to import has been severely restricted.

Algeria is in political crisis. The long-term president has been ousted following mass protests, and democratic elections have been promised. But the Church in Algeria can’t be held back – and Rezki is rising to the challenge.

  • When churches were closed, Christians put up tents and met there instead.
  • Despite official efforts to choke off the supply of Scripture, Rezki plans to expand the ministry.
  • Our office remains the only place in Algeria where you can be sure to get a Bible.

Will you help Rezki provide Bibles to people in Algeria who long to know Jesus?

You can help

Rezki’s desire is to keep fuelling Algeria’s growing Church with Scripture, providing Bibles and New Testaments to whoever wants a copy. He also wants to disciple and train Christians. And, as a new dad, Rezki is committed to producing Bible material for children too.

It costs just £5 to provide a Bible to someone in Algeria. This means your gift of:

  • £10 can provide Bibles for two new believers in Algeria
  • £25 can provide 14 New Testaments to people who want to know about Jesus
  • £50 can provide Bibles to 10 Christians longing to read God’s word for themselves

Bible work in Algeria can only happen with your support. Will you help today?

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