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Christianity in China is growing faster than we can possibly imagine. Will you help keep up with the demand for Bibles?

Picture the joy of someone receiving a Bible for the first time. Now, imagine bringing the same joy to two people with your gift of God’s word. For every Bible donated by you today, a generous supporter has agreed to match your donation and fund another Bible.

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Just over 40 years ago, the Bible was a banned book in China. Now, it’s a bestseller.

Around one million people come to faith each year in China. Churches are so full that people spill out onto the pavement. Rural villagers sometimes walk for hours to attend services.

These new believers have one thing in common: they all long for a Bible of their own. But many wait in hope. Four decades after the Bible ban was lifted, there’s still a huge shortage of Bibles.

 Will you help reach twice as many people with the gift of God’s word today?

Despite tighter regulations in the last year, we’re able to continue our ministry in China, helping millions of Christians to receive Bibles.

This year alone, we’ve been given permission to print 3.34 million Bibles for distribution to the Church in China. These will be printed at Amity Printing Company, our printing factory in Nanjing – now the world’s biggest Bible-printing factory.

The paper costs just 80p per Bible, but we desperately need funding to provide God’s word to the millions of Chinese Christians today. Will you help?

Every £12 will provide not just 15, but 30 Bibles.

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One Chinese believer told our team: ‘As human beings, we cannot live without food. As Christians, we cannot live without the Bible.’

Imagine how many lives you can change as you put the Bible into the hands of double the number of people. You can make an incredible difference to the Chinese Church.

Your donation to this appeal is worth double

It costs just 80p to print a Chinese Bible, but thanks to a generous supporter who’s committed to match your donation, your gift of:

  • £12 will provide not 15 but 30 Bibles to Chinese Christians
  • £32 puts Scripture into the hands of 80 Christians
  • £64 can provide enough Bibles for an entire rural village

Will you help make a difference to the Chinese Church today?

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