Bibles for new Chinese Christians

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In the last 12 months, a remarkable one million* people have come to faith in China. That’s equivalent to three people making a commitment to Christ before you even finish reading this page.

These new Christians are mostly from rural areas and many are desperately poor. In some places up to ten Christians have to share a single copy of the Bible between them.

The reality is that while millions of people in China are coming to faith, many cannot afford their own Bible. A gift of just £16 could provide Bibles to 20 new Chinese believers.

Ready to start printing

Earlier this year, the Chinese government gave permission, through the registered Church, for 3.5 million Bibles to be printed. The Amity Printing Company in Nanjing, which is part owned by Bible Society, is ready to respond to this opportunity.

The printing presses are ready to roll – with the capacity to print almost 50 Bibles every minute. It’s only the paper that’s missing – paper that costs a mere 80p per Bible.

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Doazhen’s story

Your gift could help put scripture into the hands of people like 94-year-old Zhang Doazhen, who waited an incredible 80 years for a Bible of her own.

Coming to faith as a young girl, Doazhen shared one Bible with the rest of her village. They took turns reading it and when it was her turn, Doazhen copied out verses by hand. She describes this as ‘…the happiest moments of my life’.

During the 1936 Japanese invasion, most villagers fled but Doazhen and another girl stayed to attend Bible training classes in the church. Doazhen said ‘While our world was not at peace, because of the Bible I was at peace in my own heart.’

Last year, Bible Society visited her village and after 80 years of waiting Zhang Doazhen, now a great-grandmother, finally received a Bible of her own.

Your gift could mean fewer people like Doazhen having to wait far too long for a copy of God’s written word. In fact, every 80p could end the wait for another Chinese Christian today!

Our printing press is ready, the cost of paper continues to rise, and many new believers are still waiting for their own Bible. Help us end their wait today, with the gift of Scripture.

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* Estimated figure based on average growth between 2005 and 2010

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