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Bibles for Alpha in Ghana

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‘If I don’t have a Bible, how can I know God? Because the word of the Bible is the word of God.’ – Elizabeth, 72.

Each week, 30 people complete an Alpha course in Ghana – and they need a Bible to sustain what they learn.

As most Alpha participants are either prisoners, students or those from poor rural areas of the country, our priority is to provide a free copy of Scriptures for each one of them, because:

  • For those living in rural villages, the Bible is a luxury they cannot afford. Many rural families are subsistence farmers, so have little money to spare.
  • Prisoners are unable to buy copies of Scripture, even if they had the funds. It’s vital that we provide Bibles to inmates who have time and motivation to read Scripture and reflect on their lives.
  • It’s common for young people to use their parents’ Bible instead of having one of their own. Every year, our Ghana office receives hundreds of letters from students asking for a Bible.

With your help, we can put a Bible into their hands – a Bible that can change lives, for good.

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Elizabeth's story

Last year, 72-year-old Elizabeth Kalli attended an Alpha course in her village in Ghana. She came fresh with the wounds of losing her husband a few months before, which brought back painful memories of losing her son six years previous to a car accident.

‘I came to Alpha because I thought it would help me have peace’, Elizabeth said. ‘Through reading this Bible of my own, I believe I will have peace and comfort. If I don’t have a Bible, how can I know God? Because the word of the Bible is the word of God.’

Elizabeth found what she was looking for. The Alpha sessions helped her come to terms with the death of her husband and son, and she was thrilled by the Bible she received – something she could never afford to buy for herself.

The impact of a Bible

We want everyone who completes an Alpha course in Ghana this year to receive a Bible. It costs just £3 to provide a Bible to an Alpha participant. Will you provide a Bible today?

‘Time and again in Ghana, I saw the profound impact of the Bible and Alpha going hand in hand. A widow told me she’d stopped quarrelling with her family, a prisoner said he’d shaken off his old ways, a volunteer had dedicated his life to setting up more courses so that others could discover the joy he’d found through Alpha and the Bible. I heard about one remote community, on an island only accessible by canoe, who all took part in Alpha. They were idol-worshipping people by background, but 400 of them became Christians – and each one wanted a Bible.’

Claire Smith, Bible Society team member

With your help, we’ll see God changing lives, for good, through the Bible. Thank you for playing a part in this vital work.

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