The 12 Dais of Christmas

A playful parody with a profound message of hope

You don’t need me to tell you that this Christmas has been tough. Before Covid was even on my radar, I created a Spoken Word film and book – unwrapping Christmas and suggesting that sometimes it can be a messy time of year. No doubt this Christmas there’ll be mess with bells on.

This year I wanted to create something which would bring both festive cheer and feature hope. This piece is a playful take on a Christmas classic, but I pray that it points you to profound comfort – a baby born in the mess, for our mess. The very one who came to offer us a vaccine, that – if we want it – means we’ll never be socially distanced from God.

(If your internet connection looks unstable – fear not, it may just be part of the video!)


Download the video for free, with full permission to stream and share in your carol services.

Download full video (93mb)

Download the first part only (51mb)
Download the second part only (39mb)

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