The Greatest Journey Nativity

The Greatest Journey retraces the steps of the journeys of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men. But ultimately it points to the greatest journey of all, when Jesus left heaven and came to earth as a man.

We have everything you need to run your nativity: a script, matching visuals and a video, all for free.

Pop-Up Nativity script

Download this ultimate guide with script included, to take you through your Nativity service.

Download Pop-Up Nativity script

Pop-Up Nativity visuals

Use this PowerPoint with images from The Greatest Journey and refrains for the whole congregation to join with for your Pop-Up Nativity.

Download Pop-Up Nativity visuals

The Greatest Journey video

You can download this ad-free version of the video for offline use in churches or schools.

Download The Greatest Journey video

Publicity materials

You might want to use our themed posters to help advertise your Christmas services and activities. Just add on your own text.

Download posters

Fancy a different script? Check out our other nativity resources.

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