Peter: A two-part Easter spoken word

For this Easter, Dai Woolridge has put together two spoken word films that tell the Easter story through the lens of Peter.

Part 1 is Peter re-telling the final few days of Jesus’ life; from his palm-leaf entry into Jerusalem, through to Jesus’ trial and Peter’s denial.  
Part 2 is Peter re-telling the twist in the story, from the empty tomb to fish sarnies on a beach, and the penny dropping of what it all means.

Part 1 homes in on the heartbreak of Jesus’ seemingly certain defeat. 
Part 2 journeys us to the joy found because of Jesus’ certain victory.

'My hope with this two-part offering is to story-tell Jesus, through the voice of Peter, one of his closest followers and friends. May this spoken word help you experience Jesus, who went from fully perfect, to fully broken, to fully fixed so if we want to, we can be forever fixed in him.’ (Dai)

This two-part spoken word resource can be shared freely by churches in online services, or simply watched as an accompaniment to the Bible Trek devotional series.

Part 1 – Peter: mock trial to denial

Ideal to watch and share in the run-up to the Easter weekend – from Palm Sunday to Good Friday

Download video (151mb)

Part 2 – Peter: BBQ on a beach

Ideal to watch and share on Easter Sunday

Download video (193mb)


Written and performed by Dai Woolridge
Directed by Dai Woolridge and Andy Toovey
Director of Photography – Andy Toovey
Post production – Andy Toovey
Sound production – Joe O’Hare
Location – Dunraven castle ruins and Southern Down beach
Produced by Bible Society

This resource was filmed in line with COVID guidelines

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