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Paul_168380 - 12 months ago
Who can advise me, English my second language I have KJV but some time language is is difficult; modern Bibles are corrupt NIV the worse, I also have a Bible edited 1949 by The British of Foreign Bible Society, beautiful no corrupted but got too old I was advised that all modern Bibles are manipuled for worse Could someone from Bible Society of England tell me what Bible to truth t.
Appreciated any support
Bible Society
Bible Society - 11 months ago
Hi Paul – thank you for your question. Here are some articles you might find helpful:
God bless you!
Priscilla_826611 - 3 years ago
I had to memorize this whole chapter for church but it's so easy to learn! God Bless, thank you for this website, I love all of it
Esther_301019 - 3 years ago
This is amazing
Priscilla_826611 - 3 years ago
Amen :)



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