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Priscilla_117017 - 2 years ago
That's not fair that The Lord would have Men, Women and children killed so his People can take over their Land!! How is that right?? It's Evil. But I know nobody will answer this
Noah_655150 - 2 years ago
There are plenty of biblical scholars who will say that Deuteronomy received its present form after the exile, when the Jews in Babylon and elsewhere were working out what had gone wrong and how to put things right. Some of them clearly came up with the idea that they'd need to fight their way back and drive out or, if necessary, kill people who'd come in and taken their lands over. So, scholars might say, they put these genocidal verses into their compilation if the Pentateuch, to justify in their present what God might seem to have condoned in the past. Same, for instance, with the rule on not taking foreign wives. So they could hit people with Scripture; say, "We weren't sufficiently ruthless 1500 years ago, let's not make the same mistake twice"



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