What is the FlexiReader?

Our FlexiReader auto-reads the text at variable speeds. To customise your reading experience, hit the settings cog and use the sliders to select the speed and number of words you’d like to see. To invert the colours, select the ‘night mode’ box.

What happens when I click the share button?

You’ll be able to share the chapter you’re viewing via email Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr by hitting the share icon in the action bar. To share a single verse, highlight the verse and hit share or go to verse builder to share on Facebook* as an animated GIF.

*We can only share directly to Facebook at this time, but you can download your verse to share on other social media.

Can I make notes?

Yes! When you’re logged in you can attach notes to any chapter by hitting the pen icon in the action bar. To see your saved notes from anywhere in the online Bible, hit the pen icon from anywhere in the online Bible and select ‘View all notes’. You’ll see a red dot on the pen icon when you’re on a chapter with previously saved notes.

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