Lyfe Coaching: Leading from the Inside Out

Five one-day gatherings in the heart of London for church and ministry leaders, plus online support and free resources to help you lead from the inside out.

Now in our second year and with an extra gathering, lyfe coaching is based on world class teaching from Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, John Ortberg and others. This is a peer-based programme that will equip you and your church to live a deeper and richer life with Jesus. Drawing deeply on the Scriptures and classic spiritual practices, lyfe coaching will help identify areas of development for you personally and for the people you lead in terms of discipleship and spiritual formation.

Lyfe coaching can help bring the Bible to life in your church. To book your place, please call us on 01793 418222.

Key course information

  • Five gatherings during 2017 in the heart of London with guest contributors and course hosts.
  • Rich conversation on spiritual formation and discipleship with a small cohort of church and ministry leaders to inspire you and your church.
  • Online conversation throughout the year, recommended study books as well as free activities and resources to help you lead from the inside out.

Cost: £250 (limited places available)

Costs include course materials, administration fees, buffet lunch and refreshments at each gathering.

*Please note you will need to pay your travel expenses to London for each gathering and any additional recommended course books you wish to read.

Course participants will…

  • Commit to a one year lyfe coaching course with other church and ministry leaders where they will enjoy rich conversations, and be supported to explore spiritual practices for themselves and their churches.
  • Gather five times during 2017 in London, to participate in round table and small group conversations led by the course hosts, with expertise and insights delivered by guest contributors.
  • Continue the conversation online throughout the year, explore recommended course books (optional) and have access to articles and other Bible Society and Renovaré resources.
  • Have a greater understanding and awareness of spiritual formation and practices inspired by world-class teachers and leaders in the area of spiritual formation.
  • Be better equipped and motivated to lead their church into spiritual formation and practices resulting in a richer, deeper life with Jesus.

Gathering venue/location

All five gatherings will take place at 77 Great Peter Street, London from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm.

Course hosts

Jo Frostlyfe, advocate, speaker, trainer

Rob Hare

Rob Hare – Bible Engagement Project Manager, Bible Society

Guest contributors

Major Gordon Cotterill

Major Gordon Cotterill – Salvation Army

Joe Davis

Joe Davis – advocate and speaker for Renovaré Britain & Ireland

Chris Webb – Deputy Warden, Launde Abbey, Diocesan Spirituality Adviser, Diocese of Leicester

David Rowe – Vicar, ChristChurch, Winchester

Please call us on 01793 418222 to book your place.

The Gatherings at a glance

Gathering One: Friday 27 January 2017 (10 am – 4 pm)

Personal Formation
Exploring key spiritual practices for leaders and renewing our own life with God

Gathering Two: Friday 31 March 2017 (10 am – 4 pm)

Kingdom Living
Moving our churches from kingdom awareness to kingdom living

Gathering Three: Friday 30 June 2017 (10 am – 4 pm)

Fire of the Word
Developing a Word-Centred life in your church

Gathering Four: Friday 29 September 2017 (10 am – 4 pm)

D Before A, B and C
How do we put discipleship before attendance, buildings and cash

Gathering Five: Friday 24 November 2017 (10 am – 4 pm)

Course Recap & Review
Reflecting back on the journey and looking forward to the future

Course Books and Online Conversations

Over the period of the course, you will be invited to explore a number of recommended books to advance and expand the key themes we will be exploring.  We will refer to these books at the gatherings and continue the conversations through a closed Facebook group hosted by course hosts and guest contributors.

The main books will be:

  • Soul Keeping – John Ortberg
  • The Divine Conspiracy – Dallas Willard
  • Renovation of the Church – Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken
  • The Good & Beautiful Life – James Bryan Smith
  • Celebration of Discipline – Richard J Foster
  • Streams of Living Water – Richard J. Foster
  • Fire of the Word – Chris Webb

Please call us on 01793 418222 to book your place

Limited space available for 2017 cohort, apply now for your lyfe coaching placement.

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