Lyfe small groups

Our dedicated small group sessions are free to use as often as you like. Whether your group meets in a pub, coffee shop or at home you can either print off each session in advance or download them to your tablet or smartphone. Each session is easy to lead, highly relational and free!

lyfe groups spend time reading and reflecting on Scripture, and then select a relevant ’challenge’ to experience throughout the week. In doing so, the group goes on a journey and together, they discover a deeper life with God.

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All of the small group resources are formed around six key areas:

Still lyfe

Still lyfe (Prayer)

Spirit lyfe

Spirit lyfe (Holy Spirit)

Word lyfe

Word lyfe (Scripture)

Real lyfe

Real lyfe (Authenticity)

Just lyfe

Just lyfe (Compassion)

Whole lyfe

Whole lyfe (Everyday life)

There are over 30 sessions, each one with supporting video interviews featuring Pete Greig, Paula Gooder, John Ortberg and Mark Greene among others. You will also find helpful complementary articles and biographies of key Christian figures from the past. 

Easy as one, two or three…

Alongside our easy navigation to track completed sessions and find new ones, we offer three suggested routes based on different time frames to suit your group.

six week taster

Over six weeks you will follow the Introductions sessions to each of the six lyfe areas covering themes on prayer, living authentically, the Holy Spirit etc. This gives you an overview of lyfe and is an ideal way to explore lyfe for the first time. Once you have completed your first six weeks, feel free to explore one of the areas (Still lyfe, for instance) in more depth.

  three month option

This is an ideal option if you would like to explore lyfe over a single term. Here we offer a structured 12 session selection that takes you through the Introduction session, plus one other – from each of the six lyfe areas. To continue with lyfe after the 12 sessions, use the One Year Option and pick up the other sessions in whichever order you like.

  one year option

In this option, we present you with all the available lyfe sessions to work through in your own preferred way. You could pick up the six Introduction sessions and then work through one area in more depth afterwards. Or you could pick up one area at a time (e.g. Still lyfe). Alternatively you can randomly pick sessions as they appeal to your group.

Start your own group

Start a new group by finding three or four others to meet regularly with you. Why not consider meeting in a public space? Your favourite coffee shop for breakfast, or a lunchtime gathering in the pub is a great way to explore lyfe.

Use the material with your existing group

You can use the video interviews, articles and small group sessions with your existing church home-groups. You might like to complement our resources through your teaching programme.

Let’s do lyfe

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