Walking with God (Monday 16 June)


This week we are exploring the theme of ‘walking with God.’ It’s a term that refers to a number of people throughout the Scriptures who had this intimate, first hand relationship with God. People like Enoch, Moses, Abram (later known as Abraham) and the two disciples on their way to Emmaus who literally walked with Jesus – but didn’t realise it initially. To walk with God requires faith (above feelings), commitment and consistency. Walking with God is about habit or rhythm, it is something we learn to do continuously each day.

Walking with God

Morning Encounter


When Jared was one hundred sixty-two, he had a son named Enoch. Jared had more children and died at the age of nine hundred sixty-two. When Enoch was sixty-five, he had a son named Methuselah, and during the next three hundred years he had more children. Enoch truly loved God, and God took him away at the age of three hundred sixty-five. (Genesis 5.18-24)


Enoch doesn’t get a lot of air time in the Scriptures. All we really notice about Enoch is that he lived a long time and then somehow he avoids death because God takes him away! What we should notice is that Enoch truly loved God. In other versions of the Scriptures, we understand that he is described as the first person to have ‘walked with God’ at a very dark time in human history before the flood. Walking with God is sometimes a metaphor for intimacy and consistency.


Reflect on how can you make it your aim to consistently and intimately walk with God today? What might this mean for you?


Midday Meditation:

Author of the world walk with me

Ruler of the earth walk with me

Calmer of the storm walk with me

Healer of my heart walk with me

How I need You, how I need You Oh Jesus, walk with me.

(Walk With Me – Jesus Culture)


Evening Reflection:

Direct me by your commands!

I love to do what you say.

Make me want to obey you, rather than to be rich.

Take away my foolish desires, and let me find life by walking with you.

(from Psalm 119)

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