The Kindness of God (7 June)

Morning Encounter:


You, Lord, are my shepherd.
    I will never be in need.
    You let me rest in fields of green grass.
You lead me to streams of peaceful water,
    and you refresh my life.

You are true to your name,
    and you lead me
    along the right paths.

 I may walk through valleys
as dark as death,
    but I won’t be afraid.
You are with me,
    and your shepherd’s rod
    makes me feel safe.

You treat me to a feast,
    while my enemies watch.
You honour me as your guest,
    and you fill my cup
    until it overflows.
Your kindness and love
will always be with me
    each day of my life,
    and I will live forever
    in your house, Lord.

(Psalm 23)


This Psalm is often read at funerals, but it’s not primarily a funeral Psalm. It is a beautiful, poetical expression of our life with God. The Psalm reminds us that God is kind and generous towards us. David, the author of this Psalm and a shepherd, had to daily care and protect his sheep. He also sees God as the one who protects and provides for us- one who invites us to rest so that our soul can be refreshed and renewed. Each day God pursues us with kindness and love.


As best you can, live in this Psalm today and absorb these words. Consider how kind God has been to you.


Midday Meditation:

‘The greatest honour we can give to God is to live gladly because of the knowledge of his love.’

(Julian of Norwich)

Evening Reflection:

God our Father loves us. He is kind and has given us eternal comfort and a wonderful hope. We pray that our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father will encourage you and help you always to do and say the right thing.

(2 Thessalonians 2.16-17)

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