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Revenge Well (5 August)

Morning Encounter:


You know that you have been taught, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” But I tell you not to try to get even with a person who has done something to you. When someone slaps your right cheek, turn and let that person slap your other cheek. If someone sues you for your shirt, give up your coat as well. If a soldier forces you to carry his pack one mile, carry it two miles. When people ask you for something, give it to them. When they want to borrow money, lend it to them.

(Matthew 5.38-42)


Jesus quotes from the Mosaic law about proportionate retribution which protected against excessive revenge. He then goes on to offer illustrations with unique responses to regular disputes in his day. These are not laws to be obeyed, but examples of how someone who knows they are securely loved by God might respond. This doesn’t mean people can abuse us or treat us unfairly – but we should consider how to respond in the light of being loved, protected and provided for by our Father. 


Are you in a dispute or a challenging situation? Have you been treated unfairly? How might God want you to respond in the light of his ultimate love and care for you?

Midday Meditation:

‘Because forgiveness is like this: a room can be dank because you have closed the windows, you've closed the curtains. But the sun is shining outside, and the air is fresh outside. In order to get that fresh air, you have to get up and open the window and draw the curtains apart.’  

(Desmond Tutu)

Evening Reflection:

Our Lord, you are King! Majesty and power are your royal robes.
You put the world in place, and it will never be moved.
You have always ruled, and you are eternal.

The ocean is roaring, Lord! The sea is pounding hard.
Its mighty waves are majestic, but you are more majestic, and you rule over all.
Your decisions are firm, and your temple will always be beautiful and holy.

(Psalm 93)

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