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Silence & Solitude (Friday 27 June)

Morning Encounter Read: It’s stupid to say bad things about your neighbours.

Silence & Solitude (Thursday 26 June)

Morning Encounter Read: It is wonderful to be grateful and to sing your praises, LORD Most High!

Silence & Solitude (Wednesday 25 June)

Morning Encounter Read: Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish.

Silence & Solitude (Tuesday 24 June)

Morning Encounter Read: My dear friends, you should be quick to listen and slow to speak or to get angry.

Silence & Solitude (Monday 23 June)

Introduction This week we are focusing on the practice of silence and solitude.

Walking with God (Sunday 22 June)

Walking with God Morning Encounter Read: Jesus' eleven disciples went to a mountain in Galilee, where Jesus had told them to meet him. They saw him and worshiped him, but some of them doubted.

Walking in Expectancy (Saturday 21 June)

Walking in Expectancy Morning Encounter Read: That same day two of Jesus' disciples were going to the village of Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem.

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