God is Good (5 June)

Morning Encounter:


The devotional writer Thomas Kelly, encourages us to ‘think magnificently of God’. If our ideas and views about God are unhelpful or inaccurate then it will be hard to think well of him, let alone worship and devote our lives to him. This week we are reminding ourselves of the goodness of God.  


Praise the Lord! He is good.
    God’s love never fails.
 Praise the God of all gods.
    God’s love never fails.
 Praise the Lord of lords.
    God’s love never fails.

Only God works great miracles.
    God’s love never fails.
 With wisdom he made the sky.
    God’s love never fails.
 The Lord stretched the earth
over the ocean.
    God’s love never fails.
 He made the bright lights
in the sky.
    God’s love never fails.
 He lets the sun rule each day.
    God’s love never fails.
 He lets the moon and the stars
rule each night.
    God’s love never fails.

(Psalm 136.1-9)


In Jewish tradition, this Psalm is known as the great Psalm of praise. Over and over the Psalmist declares that God is good. The Psalm describes the great works of God in creation and through the history of his chosen people. Each line is interspersed with a response that declares God’s unfailing love. 


Reflect on how you have seen the goodness of God in your own life. Take a moment to specifically name things that you are grateful for today.


Midday Meditation:

‘To his [Jesus] eyes this is a God-bathed and God-permeated world. It is a world filled with a glorious reality, where every component is within the range of God’s direct knowledge and control – though he obviously permits some of it, for good reasons, to be for a while other than he wishes. It is a world that is inconceivably beautiful and good because of God and because God is always in it.’

(Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy)

Evening Reflection:

'Life is meant to be lived from a Centre, a divine Centre…Life from the Centre is a life of unhurried peace and power. It is simple. It is serene. It is amazing. It is triumphant. It is radiant. It takes no time, but it occupies all our time. And it makes our life programs new and overcoming. We need not get frantic. He is at the helm. And when our little day is done we lie down quietly in peace, for all is well.'

(Thomas R. Kelly)

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