The Need for Speed (9 October 2019)

Morning Encounter:


Our God says, “Calm down,
    and learn that I am God!
    All nations on earth
    will honour me.” 

Psalm 46.10


In other translations of this Psalm we are invited to ‘be still and know that I am God.’ Stillness is a problem for us. Stillness amounts to time wasting. Stillness is unproductive. We are obsessed by a need to be busy and hurry. We so easily cram too much into our lives and rush from one task to another. In the process we miss the moment. We can’t love people in a hurry; we can’t connect with God in a hurry. We need moments in our day to ‘calm down and learn that he is God.’


Find ways to slow down today. Walk more slowly, do one thing at a time, schedule in breaks between appointments, drive in the slow lane, listen and engage in conversations, eat slowly. Perhaps tonight you could read, listen to music, or enjoy conversation rather than watch TV, skim Facebook or catch up on all your texts?


Midday Meditation:

‘If superficiality was the curse of the modern age, then distraction is the curse of the post-modern age.’

(Richard J. Foster)

Evening Reflection:

Spend some time in silence. Just sit still for ten to fifteen minutes and reflect on your day.

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