My Joy In You (6 December 2018)

Morning Encounter:


I have loved you, just as my Father has loved me. So remain faithful to my love for you. If you obey me, I will keep loving you, just as my Father keeps loving me, because I have obeyed him. I have told you this to make you as completely happy as I am. Now I tell you to love each other, as I have loved you. The greatest way to show love for friends is to die for them. And you are my friends, if you obey me. Servants don’t know what their master is doing, and so I don’t speak to you as my servants. I speak to you as my friends, and I have told you everything that my Father has told me.

(John 15.9-15)


The time of Jesus’ death is drawing near and these are some of his last words to his disciples. Notice the link between obedience and joy. Jesus’ joy comes from doing just what his Father asks him to do. Obedience is demanding, especially for Jesus as this leads him to lay down his life for others. Hebrews 12.2 tells us that due to ‘the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.’


Reflect on this sentence from Richard J. Foster: ‘Joy comes through obedience to Christ, and joy results from obedience to Christ.’

Midday Meditation:

‘One of the most outstanding features of Jesus’ personality was precisely an abundance of joy. This he left as an inheritance to his students, ‘that their joy might be full’….for he was well known to those around him as a deeply happy man.’

(Dallas Willard The Divine Conspiracy)


Evening Reflection:

But I will sing about
    your strength, my God,
    and I will celebrate
    because of your love.
You are my fortress,
    my place of protection
    in times of trouble.
 I will sing your praises!
    You are my mighty fortress,
    and you love me.

(From Psalm 56)

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