Gifts of Grace (9 January 2019)

Morning Encounter:


Let love be your only debt! If you love others, you have done all that the Law demands. In the Law there are many commands, such as, “Be faithful in marriage. Do not murder. Do not steal. Do not want what belongs to others.” But all of these are summed up in the command that says, “Love others as much as you love yourself.” No one who loves others will harm them. So love is all that the Law demands.
(Romans 13. 8-10)


Every human being is made in the image of God, so we all reveal some unique aspect of God to one another. Everyone we meet is a gift of grace, and every encounter is an opportunity to discover and love Jesus a little more. If Dallas Willard is right that “the aim of God in history is the creation of an all-inclusive community of loving persons,” then each person around us is an astonishing gift revealing the heart of God’s purposes in all time and history.


Notice people today. Don’t see shop workers or drivers or colleagues - see people made in God’s likeness. See them, listen to them, give yourself to them a little more than usual. Enjoy their presence in this world as a sign of God’s grace.

Midday Meditation:

“It may be possible for each to think too much of his own potential glory hereafter; it is hardly possible for him to think too often or too deeply about that of his neighbour … There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.”
(C. S. Lewis)

Evening Reflection:

Spend a little time praying for each person you met, spoke with, spent time with today. For each time they revealed their brokenness and pain, gently forgive as deeply as you can. For each time they revealed the life of God to you, be thankful.



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