Genesis 14.17–24: Owing all to God alone (Day 13)

Bible Society's Daily Reflections follow the M'Cheyne Bible reading plan, designed for those who want to read the whole Bible in one year. Each reflection focuses on one of its four daily chapters. Darllenwch rhain yn Gymraeg.



Lord, prepare me to receive your word. Clear my mind and warm my heart. Assure me of your loving purposes for me, and speak into my life today.


Daily reflection: Genesis 14

This passage follows a rather complicated account of skirmishes between nine 'kings' – we're probably better thinking of them as tribal chieftains – which end up with Abraham's nephew Lot and his household being taken prisoner. When Abraham rescues them, he also succours the King of Sodom, among others. He refuses to take any of the spoils of war from Sodom, however, because no one should be able to say, 'I made Abraham rich'. Is this because Sodom was known as a wicked place and its wealth was tainted? Perhaps; but it looks more like a general principle. Everything Abraham has will come from God.

The question of how far Christians should be beholden to others for support – financial and otherwise – is very complex in our modern world. What's clear, however, is that this support should never compromise our faith; our ultimate and absolute loyalty is to God. When other considerations – perhaps financial, perhaps questions of relationship or friendship – start to get in the way, we need to think seriously about how we are making decisions and what is influencing us.

The mysterious King of Salem, Melchizedek, is also a 'priest of the Most High God' – the first to be given this title in the Old Testament. He appears in Psalm 110.4, and there is an extended discussion of him in Hebrews 7. In line with this, Christians see in his offering of bread and wine a foreshadowing of the priesthood of Christ. Melchizedek  appears out of nowhere, again indicating Abraham's accountability to God alone.



God, help me keep my eyes fixed on you, and let me never be distracted or compromised by what others might offer me.

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