False prophets condemned: Ezekiel 13 (9 September 2020)

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We come before you Lord, just as we are: nothing more, nothing less. You made us in your image and loved us into being. So be among us now, just as we are: nothing more, nothing less. We thank you God for this time today. Amen.


Daily reflection: Ezekiel 13

Ezekiel’s next vision describes the many false prophets who prophesied out of their own imaginations, and not from a true vision sent by God. So in place of telling the truth, they have told lies, using phrases such as 'thus says the Lord' when the Lord has not spoken to them. They made fictitious predictions for Jerusalem, which God condemns without mercy.

While in the past there were women who were true prophets, such as Deborah in the book of Judges (4.4), now there are false visions given every day for the price of barley. And these false prophets actively seek and hunt their innocent prey. Their livelihood depends on their victims buying their magic and their string of lies. But the Lord will deliver his people out of their hands since he has no time for witchcraft or superstition.

The core message of Ezekiel for the worldwide Church today is its radical God-centredness. The God who is presented here is utterly transcendent, perfectly holy, and not to be relegated to the margins of the life of his people. Nor does God need to compete with the charlatans and sorcerers, who would fail miserably in any contest with Yahweh and his prophets.



Loving Lord, may I not be deceived by the false prophets of today who try to market their glittering products and lifestyle mantras which leave me empty. Amen.

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