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Our Bible Q&A series explores the questions you’ve asked us about the Bible.

These articles represent the authors’ personal views. They accord with Bible Society’s values, but are not intended to express our position as an organisation. They’re also intended to add to the discussion rather than end it, so we invite you to join us on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts, too.

Bible Q&A: Between the Testaments)

Bible Q&A: Between the Testaments

What happened between the end of the Old Testament and the start of the New Testament?
Bible Q&A: Is Christmas really a pagan festival?)

Bible Q&A: Is Christmas really a pagan festival?

Christians haven't always been keen on Christmas. Oliver Cromwell famously banned it during his time as Lord Protector (1653-58) – markets were ordered to stay open on Christmas Day, and in London soldiers went on patrol seizing Christmas dinners...
Bible Q&A: Why was Mary political?)

Bible Q&A: Why was Mary political?

Was Mary really getting political when she sang, ‘He has brought down rulers from their thrones … He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich empty away’?
Bible Q&A: Ancestral lineage in the Bible)

Bible Q&A: Ancestral lineage in the Bible

Why does the Bible include lots of ancestral lineage in the middle of a story, e.g. Nehemiah?
Bible Q&A: Who was Thaddeus?)

Bible Q&A: Who was Thaddeus?

What is known about the disciple called Thaddeus?
Bible Q&A: Christian morals and values)

Bible Q&A: Christian morals and values

Should Christians impose their biblically-driven morals and values on society, or keep quiet?

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