Tom's half way through Bible in a year!

Tom, it's been 6 months. (Wahey!) How do you feel?

I think I’d do better in a Bible quiz now. I’m looking forward to getting to the end of the year and being able to look back with a more joined up picture of everything that’s in the Bible.

Any inspiration for names of your future children?

Not so far, but I’ll be on the lookout. My wife is more interested in a dog at the moment – are there any decent dog names in the Bible?

Any bits you'd like to re-read more slowly?

I’d like to read the Jewish law again and really get my head around it, although I know it would be really tough! I’d love to be able to understand a bit more what it must have been like for the Jews at the time of Jesus, being fully immersed in this law, and then having the Messiah come along and being ‘released from the law’ (Romans 7.6). It must have been so liberating. I don’t think I can fully comprehend it with my modern-day mindset.

We've noticed a few more grey hairs than last month. How much is that down to getting the reading plan done?

It honestly hasn’t been that stressful. It’s just a normal part of my day now; I feel like something’s missing from my routine when I go a couple of days without reading the Bible. I think the grey hairs are just genetic.

What would you say to someone who's flagging and is about to throw in the towel?

Find a way to carry on that works for you, rather than feeling the need to rigidly stick to your original plan. Maybe just read a New Testament passage every day, then do the Old Testament next year. Or do your daily reading every two days, and do the ‘Bible in two years’.  I don’t think God minds what plan you follow or how many times you change it up.

Which is the best Bible translation?

Which is the best Bible translation?

One of the most asked questions about the Bible is 'what is the best translation?' It all depends on who you are and what you will be using it for.

The Bible in 40 steps

The Bible in 40 steps

It's possible to trace a story that runs through all the books from beginning to end. These 40 steps carry you through the story of God’s love for the world he created.

Bible Book Club

Bible Book Club

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