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The Old Testament journey in 3 ½ minutes

Israel, God’s people. Ever wondered how the journey unfolded? The Old Testament journey in 3 ½ minutes is a free video resource written and narrated by Dai Woolridge. It gives a snapshot of Israel’s journey through the Old Testament in – yes you’ve guessed it – 3 ½ minutes!

Download now (17 MB)

Of course you can’t do the Old Testament justice in 3 ½ minutes, or fully understand the complexities of Israel’s journey in the time it takes to make a cuppa. But our heart is to give a snapshot and a flavour of how Bible characters fit in to the bigger picture of Scripture. Using warmth, humour and pop culture references, we hope this helps you see Israel's story in a new way. Enjoy! 

Some ideas for using this film...

  • Set the scene before a sermon on a book, theme or character from the Old Testament
  • Be reminded of where Jesus fits in to the bigger picture of Scripture
  • Show the video at your church service, small group or local school
  • Share on your church's social media channels – or even your own

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Author: Bible Society, 2 February 2018 (Last updated: 9 November 2021)

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