Reasons to love...

 There are many reasons to love every book of the Bible. In these short videos – which coincide with our book of the month series – we share some of these reasons.

Our book of the month for July is the Gospel of John. Here's Simeon, to share some of the reasons he loves it.


Previous books


Fred tells us why James is one of his favourite books!


Lisa tells us why Hebrews is one of her favourite books!


Luke tells us why Jonah is one of his favourite books!

2 Corinthians

Mark tells us why he loves the book of 2 Corinthians.


Helen tells us why Job is one of her favourite books!


Paul tells us why Romans is one of his favourite books!


Noemie Smith to tell us why Psalms is her favourite book


Tom Newbold tells us why Isaiah is his favourite book…


Hannah tells us why Revelation is her favourite book…


Kit Gauger tells us why she loves Philippians. 

What else we're up to

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Read Philippians

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