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Nicholas King Lectio Divina 3

Author: Lisa Cherrett, 28 June 2024

Become more aware of the brightness of God’s glory with this Lectio Divina based on Ezekiel 1.22–28.

Ezekiel 1.22–28

(From The Bible translated by Nicholas King)

Over their heads, of the living creatures, was a likeness, as if like a firmament, like a vision of crystal stretched out over their wings from above.

And below the firmament, their wings were stretched out, fluttering each against the other; each had two wings joined together, covering their bodies.

And I heard the sound of their wings as they travelled, like the sound of much water; and when they stopped, their wings were settling down.

And look! A voice above the firmament of the One who was above their heads,

like a vision of sapphire stone, the likeness of a throne upon it; and on the likeness of the throne there was a likeness, like the form of a human being above.

And I saw as it were the appearance of amber, from the vision of the loins and upward, and down below, I saw as it were the vision of fire, and its brightness around,

like the appearance of a bow when it is in the cloud, on a rainy day: that is how the position of the brightness was about it, this was the vision of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And I saw, and I fell on my face, and I heard a voice speaking.


Ezekiel was sitting by a river in Babylonia when he had this vision, along with other exiles from Israel. He was far from home and far from the place where he might have expected to meet Israel’s God.

Read the passage carefully several times. Linger over any images that especially catch your imagination.


Play the scene of Ezekiel’s vision over in your mind. Imagine you are watching as the pictures unfold. What colours do you see? What kind of sounds do you hear? Do you smell, feel or taste anything?

How does the vision make you feel? Do you want to get closer or do you want to hide – and why?

Meditate on Ezekiel’s choice of words: ‘the likeness of … the appearance of …’. What does it tell you about the things he is describing?


Speak and listen to God about the brightness of his glory, and ask to be made more aware of it, day by day.

Thank God that he is not limited to a particular place or contained in a temple, but fills the heavens and the earth.


Remain for a while in Ezekiel’s picture of the glorious presence of God, with all its ‘brightness’ and ‘the sound of much water’. As you move into the rest of your day, take with you an awareness that this is the reality of heaven, even though we cannot fully experience it here on earth.

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