Bible in a year: December

You're almost there! To let you have a proper Christmas break, we'll catch up with the end of your readings in the New Year. Last month you were behind. Have you caught up?

On the train last weekend. I had a two and a half hour train journey and slogged my way through eight days worth of Bible readings including the whole of Esther, Malachi and the first few chapters of Revelation.

What are you reading this month?

I’m reading Ezra at the moment, then I think it’s just Nehemiah left in the Old Testament. Finishing off Revelation and the last few Psalms as well.

Any particular challenges?

This month, Tom played Joseph in
our short Nativity play at a local supermarket

Getting to grips with the level of violence in some of the passages is still a difficulty at times! The book of Esther is a ‘feel good’ read with themes of courage, righteousness and God’s protection. But it’s hard not to wince just a little bit when the heroine Esther gives orders for ten men to be impaled on poles (Esther 9.13).

Anything you've read before that you've seen or understood differently this time round?

Malachi 1.2-3. I’ve never quite got this passage before, it seems a bit random. But now reading in the context of the whole of the rest of the Old Testament, it makes a lot more sense. Jacob (Israel) and his descendants are God’s chosen people. This is highly significant. He reminds the Israelites of his ‘faithfulness’ and ‘unfailing love’ – hallmarks of his nature – over many generations, in contrast to Esau, the symbolism of those who are outside his chosen people.

The good news for us is that God has now opened the way for all of us to be part of his chosen people, through Jesus. It isn’t exclusive. As Isaiah 56.7 says, ‘my house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples’.

Plans for Bible reading in 2018....?!?

I’ve been given a year-long Psalm devotional, so I’d like to do that. Maybe I’ll carry on and do Bible in a year again as well.

Well, you did love reading the Psalms. Well done, Tom! 

Tom Newbold is our Digital Fundraising Officer.

Are you planning to read the whole Bible over 2018? Or do you have other plans to read the Bible? Let us know in the comments below. 

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